Paolo Cattaneo

Osteopath and physiotherapist in Milan


I grew up outdoors and have always played competitive sports. Taking care of my physique to improve sprinter performance made me develop an interest in the human body, and I realized I wanted to explore it further, I wanted to know more: I wanted to understand how this splendid “machine” that it’s the man.

My path

I was born in Milan on October 31st 1983, I have a beautiful wife and three wonderful children. I grew up outdoors, attracted by competition and then passionate about athletics, with a youthful experience as a sprinter (200 and 400m dash). The human being has always intrigued me: I wanted to understand how this “machine” that is man really worked. In 2006 I graduated in Physiotherapy at San Paolo in Milan and in 2013 I obtained the title of Osteopath D.O. ROI at SOMA (Milan School of Osteopathy). I discovered the concrete possibility of helping another person, the patient, to overcome a condition of pain or discomfort, physical, social or relational. I feel particularly grateful for the path I’ve been able to take so far, aware of the power and duty to improve more and more. I am happy with the growth path of these years, which has begun and is far from finished, which allows me to be in front of my patients in an increasingly appropriate and personalized way for each of them. Every year I participate in in-depth and updating courses, with Osteopaths and professionals of international caliber. Every person who enters my office suffers from pain and seeks help: I ​​try to respond to the desire for well-being of each of my patients, to the best of my abilities, accompanying them along the therapeutic path.

  • 2006 Physiotherapy degree.

  • 2013 title of Osteopath D.O. ROI.

  • The patient at the center of every treatment

My values

The Physiotherapist and the Osteopath are two distinct figures. They differ in a way of approaching the patient and a profoundly different philosophy. But at the same time they compensate for each other.

During each session in my studio I try to take care of the person in front of me as completely as possible. There is always an initial evaluation phase, then a second in which I perform those techniques that seem to respond to the patient’s needs, and finally a new evaluation phase in comparison with the condition at the start of treatment.

At the end of the treatment, I run one or two tests again that I have already used in the evaluation phase, to get concrete feedback on the changes that have occurred. I reiterate to the patient the advice and attention to be used during daily activities. Finally, I plan the next appointments.

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